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GE Vernova Intern Boot Camp

A six part video series focused on best practices when first starting as an intern at GE Vernova.

Project Highlights
  • Educational Video Series

  • Six Modules

  • 40 Minutes of Content

Our Process

Let's take a deeper look into how we made this video series.



At the heart of our project process lies a crucial step: the discovery session. Here, we delve into the essence of our client's world, exploring their background, business ethos, values, and aspirations. It's a collaborative exchange that not only informs our creative direction but also fosters trust and understanding. While the final outcome may not encapsulate every detail unearthed in this phase, it serves as the bedrock for a tailored, high-quality solution that resonates with our client's expectations.

During this phase, we also spent considerable time outlining the project's objectives and discussed the client's preferences for the series.



Building on our discoveries, we ventured into the realm of pre-production, where we fine-tuned our visuals to harmonize with our client's branding guidelines. With most of the learning module scripts already in hand, we were able to better understand the graphic elements required. With this, we started crafting the visual graphics while awaiting the production phase.

To ensure alignment with the client's vision, we crafted a preliminary intro video, later refined to meet the rest of the project's standards. This iterative process allowed us to hone our graphic and editing styles based on early feedback.



Our seamless transition from pre-production to production was facilitated by the pre-production preliminary video, which prompted minor adjustments to our set. Upgrading our camera setup enhanced the visual fidelity, shooting all footage in 4K and editing in FHD. This streamlined approach enabled us to utilize a single camera angle, digitally zooming in as needed.

Employing a teleprompter for our talent facilitated natural delivery, eliminating the need for extensive memorization and maintaining consistent engagement with the camera.



Our Production and post-production ran somewhat concurrently, due to talent scheduling, we had to film all of the modules over the course of several months. This approach afforded us the opportunity to identify and rectify potential issues, preempting the need for extensive reshoots. Regular client check-ins ensured ongoing alignment between their vision and ours.

Upon completion of editing, we submitted the final drafts for client review, accommodating any last-minute adjustments.

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